Top Bags for Mountain Biking

Depending on the type of rider you are, you might find a different need for different bags for your rides.  As a mountain biker, usually what you're looking for narrows down to two items: how much water can you carry, and can I fit much else in the bag?  

We've narrowed the choice down to the top three backpacks and top three belt bags for mountain biking.

Top 3: Mountain Bike Backpacks

#1) CamelBak M.U.L.E.

M.U.L.E. is a lightweight, ventilated hydration pack for mountain bikers that features an air director back panel to channel airflow and keep you cool on the trail.
The removable stability belt provides additional fit and stability, while the ventilated harness keeps you comfortable during long rides or races with its lightweight design and breathable mesh fabric. The adjustable sternum strap offers a range of adjustments for a custom fit and increased stability, while the secure phone pocket makes it easy to access essentials on the go without removing your pack.


  • MAGNETIC TUBE TRAP - The unique magnetic tubing trap makes it easy to remove and replace your water reservoir, so you can stay hydrated on any ride.
  • VENTILATED HARNESS - The M.U.L.E.'s ventilated harness keeps you cool while riding in hot weather, and its padded waist belt provides additional support when carrying heavier loads
  • ADJUSTABLE STERNUM STRAP - An adjustable sternum strap helps stabilize the pack when riding downhill, and a chest strap with an emergency whistle lets you know if someone's coming up behind you

#2) CamelBak Skyline LR 10

The Skyline LR 10 Bike Hydration Pack is the ultimate in bike hydration. The Crux Lumbar Reservoir with Integrated Compression shifts weight and support to your lumbar region, while the Dual Wing Belt transfers weight to your hips. The ventilated hip belt keeps essentials close at hand, and the 3D Ventilated Mesh Harness keeps you cool while riding. A secure phone pocket keeps your phone safe and easy to access.


  • LUMBAR RESERVOIR - The Skyline LR 10 has a 100 oz. lumbar reservoir that's perfect for long rides, and the Crux Lumbar Reservoir is designed to keep your back cool and dry.
  • DUAL WING BELT - The dual wing belt provides extra stability and comfort without adding weight or bulk. It also features an integrated pocket to securely store your phone while you ride.
  • VENTILATED HIP BELT - The ventilated hip belt keeps you cool on hot days with its mesh design, so you can focus on the road ahead of you instead of how hot it is outside.

#3) MARCHWAY Tactical Molle

The Molle hydration backpack has a versatile design that carries three liters of water with you wherever you go as well as a couple front pockets for various items.  Made of water repelling nylon that is very strong and durable, this backpack has great value at an stellar price.

At 19.7 inches long by 8.7 inches wide and 2.6 deep, the size fits nicely on your back while still being able to carry three liters of water with you wherever you go.  The bladder itself is BPA free and has no added taste.  The big opening allows you to add ice if you'd like a cool drink while you ride and the mouthpiece can rotate a full 360 degrees to make drinking easier.  

The two pockets for storage provides ample room for a wallet, phone, keys, and many other items.  It includes mesh inner pockets for amore secure hold on the items you want to protect the most. There is also a small lanyard with clip for items you may want to access quickly but still have no worry of losing them.

One caveat with the MOLLE: Make sure you clean the bladder before first use.  You may find that the bladder has a residue on it both inside and out, which is easy to clean but makes for an unpleasant first use if you forget this step.

For the price, the MARCHWAY Tactical Molle is a great backpack for your next mountain biking adventure!

Top 3: Mountain Bike Belt Pack Bags (aka Fanny Packs)

#1) CamelBak Repack LR 4 Hydration Pack

Khombu’s CamelBak Repack LR 4 Hydration Pack is the ideal pack for hard-charging riders who need more than a bottle but less than a full pack. The 50oz/1.5L reservoir is easy to fill and clean, and comes with our Quick Link System™ that lets you hook it up to your favorite hydration bladder hose without having to remove the reservoir from the bag. A load-bearing hip belt optimizes fit and keeps essentials close at hand, while integrated carry pockets keep your tools and repair kit organized.


  • LOADED WITH FEATURES - This pack is loaded with features to keep you going all day long. The 50 oz reservoir is removable and can be filled at a water source or filtered for safe drinking. A hook and loop closure makes it easy to open the bladder compartment, while an integrated carry pocket holds essentials close at hand.
  • COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - The load bearing hip belt distributes weight evenly across your hips, allowing you to hike longer without fatigue. An adjustable sternum strap keeps the shoulder straps in place, so they don't slide off during rigorous activity.
  • BUILT TO LAST - This hydration pack was built for rugged use in the great outdoors! It's made of durable materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear from daily use.

#2) CamelBak Podium Flow Bike Hydration Belt

The CamelBak Podium Flow Bike Hydration Belt is a minimalist hydration belt designed for cyclists. The included mud cap provides protection against dirt and debris, keeping the drinking tube clean. It features an easy-to-clean, BPA-free reservoir that has a high flow rate to keep you hydrated without weighing you down. Available in Black or White colors, this lightweight belt features a soft elastic harness with reflective graphics for visibility. This product is covered by CamelBak's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • The minimalistic design of the CamelBak Podium Flow Bike Hydration Belt is designed to provide a high flow rate and secure your water bottle while riding.
  • The belt includes a mud cap to keep dirt out of your drinking tube when not in use.
  • The included Podium Dirt Series Bottle features an ergonomic handle for easy carrying, sport top for fast refills, and large opening for ice cubes.

#3) CamelBak Flash Belt

The CamelBak Flash Belt is the ultimate hands-free hydration and simple storage solution for runners, walkers, and hikers. The belt features a secure zippered pocket that's perfect for keeping your phone or other essentials safely stowed on your next long run or hike. An adjustable waist buckle ensures an optimized fit while breathable air mesh helps keep you cool and comfortable. Reflectivity adds visibility in low light conditions to help keep you safe.


  • HANDS-FREE HYDRATION - This pack is a fully featured reservoir for your adventures. It's the perfect size to take you through a full day of work or play, and its hands-free design makes it easy to stay hydrated on the move.
  • BREATHABLE AIR MESH - The air mesh harness keeps you cool and comfortable while you're out on the trail. Its breathable construction also allows heat and sweat to escape so that you can focus on what matters most: having fun!
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST BUCKLE - The waist buckle lets you customize your fit for maximum comfort during extended wear. It's adjustable in both directions, so it will always be just right! And when it isn't being used, it tucks away neatly into its own pocket.


We’ve discussed the best mountain bike bags at different price points, as well as what to look for in a bag that is durable and will last. We have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry to provide you with a wide selection and high-quality products. Whether you need an ultralight bike pack, or want something that can hold all your gear for an extended trip, we are confident you will find what you’re looking for here.