About Us

Our team of biking enthusiasts includes a downhill mountain bike nut, a bike mechanic, and a distance biker.  You should find a balanced approach to all of our reviews due to this!

Paul Stitt

Paul Stitt crashed his first bike into a tree at the age of 4 and has been in the forest ever since... or wishes he was there.  He can usually be found heading downhill through the woods as fast as his bike will allow (not necessarily in control though).  If you see him on the hills, give him a fist bump.

Hugh Courtois

Hugh grew up down the street from Paul and as the two would venture off to find a place to race, he naturally learned how to fix Paul's bikes whenever he lost control.  He loves building his own ride and messing with whatever he can to get the best setup for a great run.

And he rarely loses to Paul.  Or so legend says.