Top Winter Tires for Mountain Bikes

As the winter season approaches, this common question arises “What tires are the best for winter?” Well, there are multiple factors that we have to include. What is the best tread? What is the best tread pattern? What is the best sidewall thickness? There are so many factors that make a winter tire a winter tire. 

Things To Consider When Selecting a Winter Tire For Your Mountain Bike

Tread Depth: The depth of the tread is measured for what type of riding you are doing. If it's dry and hot, you don’t need a very deep tread. But for winter, you need deeper tread to grip the slippery ground better. The deeper the tread, the deeper your tire can grip.

Shape Of Tire: The shape of the tire can come in two main designs: Flatter and more square, or round and egg-like. The flatter, more square one will give better grip, but in the end, you will go slower because there is more surface area touching the ground. The rounder egg-like design will let you go faster, but you will lose grip because less of the tire is grabbing at the ground.

Consistency: The consistency of the tire depends on the season. The harder the tire is, the better it is for the summer, and the softer the tire is, the better it is for the winter. The reason for this is because the tire compound during the summer will get warmer than it will be in the winter. Having a harder tire in the summer will let the compound heat up without getting too soft, and in the winter having a soft tire will let the tire get harder and get to the correct consistency.

Stiffness: The stiffness of the tire really depends on the style of riding you are doing. If you are doing slower, more tricky things, then you should opt for less stiff tires. But if you are doing fast flowy fun runs, use stiff tires so your tire does not fold under your turning g-forces. 

Top 3: Best Winter Tires


Item Dimensions L x W x H: 12 x 15 x 6 inches


Tire Type: Tubeless

Material: Rubber

This tire has a dual compound, which means two compounds are used within the tread of the tire to help resist roll over and folds on the rim. It also helps with gripping because it is more sturdy through turns. The size of the tire is 27.5 inches x 2.8 inches. This means this tire is meant for a rim size of 27.5 inches. This tire is also tubeless-ready. You can use a tube if you prefer that, but it also has the option to just snap into the correct rim. This tire is meant for a mountain bike.

This tire is good for the winter because the tread is deep, and the tire tends to be a bit softer than normal. These tires are also very sturdy for the rough terrain you will face during your ride. Maxxis’s goal with these tires revolved around the winter season, which is why they are on this list. They are exceptionally great in mud and in snow. Not much has to be said; Maxxis is very good and regarded as one of if not the best tire brands out there for biking in general. Through the mud, rocks, and sticks, the tire can adapt to any situation you throw at it. The tire sticks like glue in the slippery mud and snow and also can handle its own in every season.

#2) Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro

Schwalbe, Ice Spiker Pro, Tire, 27.5'', 2.60 Folding

Season Winter

Tech: Lite Skin

TPI: 67

PSI: 20-45

The Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro has a groove pattern that ensures grip with the spikes in each one of the tread bumps. The tire should be set to about 30 PSI for maximum use. The TPI or threads per inch indicates the number of threads on the wall of the tire holding it together. It is that pattern on the inside of the tire that helps said tire to be durable. The best season for this bike is definitely winter due to the spikes. During the summer, when you have dirt, rocks, and sand on your normal ride, the spikes will wear out almost instantly.

Schwalbe ensures the rider a lighter, grippier, faster ''Turbo'' of spike tires. The technology put into these tires with the spikes is phenomenal. They last a long time and really help to dig into the snow or mud for ultimate grip. These tires also work great for the casual winter rider as well, giving just enough give so you can feel and ride like a pro. As customers have reported, the tire is one of the best for all of the weather conditions you may face on a weekly basis. It also comes with the guarantee of a whopping 4.5 stars on

#3) Michelin Wild Enduro MAGI-X


  • More Speed – Your folding bike tires will have more speed thanks to a tread pattern designed for the wheel. Its block design provides more progressivity, terrain versatility, and maximum braking grip.
  • More Grip - Provided by the new generation of GUM-X3D rubber with decreased rigidity for better directional control of your mountain bike and excellent terrain versatility in summer and winter
  • More Strength – Thanks to the strong, lightweight "Gravity Shield" 3x60 TPI casing designed for the most challenging Enduro riding and its high-density reinforcement
  • Tubeless Ready: Tubeless bicycle tires provide the rider with many benefits: the ability to run lower air pressures, which improves traction; lower rolling resistance when compared to a tube-type tire; and less chance of flatting since there is no tube.
  • Optimized Tread Pattern and depth - The tread pattern and depth have been optimized to provide confidence, speed, and grip anywhere on the trail. So when you need top-level traction when climbing steep, technical trail sections, this tire will make each and every climb feel easy under wheel.

This tire by Michelin, who hasn’t been in the mountain biking scene for very long, has made a great tire for the winter season. The mud can't stop you now, so go and pick yourself up a pair of these amazing tires. Some reviews of this tire explain it perfectly, “Seriously, seriously, seriously, the absolute best constructed, highest gripping and confidence-inspiring MTB tires I've ever ridden,” and has a whopping star review of 4.9/5.


Although any of these tires would be a great choice, we do have more choices coming soon and do ask that you would return here in a couple of weeks to see the rest of the options.

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