Our Review of the Yuba Mundo Electric Shimano Cargo Bike

Yuba declares that this electric Mundo bike is the “minivan of bicycles,” and it sure tries to live up to that moniker. We’ll start with the obvious: just as you probably don’t need a minivan if you don’t have kids, you’ll likely only want this bike if you have young children currently running around your home. However, it can still be used for the day-to-day errands with it’s vast cargo ability if that is what you are looking for. 

The Basics

The Mundo Cargo Bike has a chomoly steel frame, Magura disc brakes and sports the Shimano Steps E8000 electric motor for help with pedaling the added weight you’ll likely have on this bike with the cargo you intend to carry.  

All this on an everyday e-bike would be enough to make the Mundo a quality bicycle to choose.  The frame provides comfort and strength. The brakes are among the better ones that you can find.  And the Shimano motor will give you the power to reach speeds of up to 20 mph and help you climb hills with relative ease.

Add on to this the standard double kickstand, LED lights, wheelskirts, and more, and you’ve got an e-bike worthy of you consideration for most situations

The Real Value of the Mundo

Once past the basics of this bike, you find the real value of this cargo carrying machine.  With a variety of options to add on to your Mundo, you’ll find that you’ll have your “minivan of bicycles” as proclaimed. The rear of the bike frame is ready for a number of the accessories, and these are all accessories centered around carrying more on your “minivan.”

Let’s start with gearing up for your kids:

  • First, you’ll want the bamboo utilitly deck that attaches to the back and becomes the base;
  • Then, add a “soft spot” for your child to sit on… or add two if you want to bring both kids with you;
  • Want something for your child to hold onto during the ride? Give them the “hold on bars” for the front rider, while the back rider can use the ring accessory, or drop the hold on bars and have a ring for both the front and back rider;
  • Provide your rider with something to put their feet on by attaching the “leg up” accessory bar, or better yet, get the bamboo boards for both riders to plant their feet on;
  • If you’re wanting to have a little extra security for the children so that you don’t have to worry about them falling off, you can add the monkey bars that are essentially guard rails around their body;

The Yuba Monkey Bars

  • Planning on riding in the rain?  Get the pop top cover to give them shelter (requires the monkey bars attachment);
  • Finally, if your child is 6 or under, consider getting the Yepp Maxi EasyFit, which is more of a traditional child-carrying bike seat.

Not planning on hauling the kids around, but need to be able to carry other items?

  • The front-mounted “bread basket” has plenty of real estate for most items you’ll be carrying;

The Bread Basket Accessory

  • Need to protect items in the bread basket from the weather? There’s a cover kit for that!
  • The waterproof Baguete rear mounts and is light and sturdy;
  • If you need to carry a bit more than the bread basket or Baguette can, the Go-Getter bag will do the trick;
  •  Finally, need to drag along another bike or for extra safety want to tow your child on his or her bike?  Get the towing tray combo and you can do just that.

All This, And It’s Also a Great Ride

With all the accessories that are available for the Mundo, it’s understandable to become a little skeptical about this bike and begin to think that it’s dedicated for hauling and therefore could possibly be a clunky ride.  Not so!

This is a sturdy, stable and smooth e-bike that will feel very safe to ride.  Commutes are a joy, and you’ll find the your children enjoying a day out as much as you are.  Rough streets, gravel paths, and hill are not a problem with the Mundo, even with the kids adding extra weight. 

The only negative here is if you have restless kids (get the monkey bars if they are!).  If they are fidgeting on the back of the bike, you will feel it and will have to adjust as they do so. 

Final Thoughts

Do no hesitate on this one.  The Mundo Cargo Bike is a delight, and if you do a lot of commutes with children, picking up a few groceries, or carrying your work items to and from your office, or any other time you may want to haul items around town, this is the bike for you.

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