Friday, March 25, 2011

Linus Bags

While we're on the topic of Linus, did you know they also have a chic line of bike bags? 

This is from their 2011 catalogue:

From the 2011 Linus Catalogue. Click for big. Courtesy Linus Bikes.


Joseph E said...

From the website, they also sell a nice, classic leather pannier, "The Office Bag" for $70,

And there is a double-sided, roll-up canvas pannier, "The Market Bag", for $130:

Velouria said...

I have tried the single Office Bag pannier, and returned it. It looks great and the quality of the bag itself is good. Also the size is just large enough to fit a Macbook air, so it's a good option for bikes with short chainstays if you are worried about heel strike. However, the mounting system was unacceptable for me: leather straps with snap closure. Not only does it strike me as insufficiently secure, but it's also not very easy to get on/off.

*C* said...

The Satchel bag is not on the Linus website. Does anyone know how much this costs? US currency.