Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Years and 3 Cheers

It’s been 3 years now since I started Bikes For The Rest Of Us as a constructive response to my own somewhat vituperative rant about the state of the bicycle industry. BFROU is still going strong with its own domain name and a knowledgable team of contributors. I’d like to use this occasion to thank a few people.

Let’s start with the team. David, aka The Practical Cyclist , was the first to offer assistance. As I mentioned in the 1-year anniversary post, David brought his interest in cargo bikes to BFROU – certainly an important bike to consider if you want to go car-free or car-lite. His most recent post was about the bikeshare program in Washington, D.C., something that has changed life in this city for better.

Tom joined us at the tail end of 2009. He has highlighted a variety of upright, internal gear hub bicycles on the market. He recently posted about the Kona Africabike. Tom also put BFROU on twitter, where he is our tweeter-in-chief.

Joseph is our newest contributor, and he's shared many ideas for bikes for the rest of us right off the bat. His latest post is about the Batavus Fryslan. Another post by Joseph, about the Raleigh Detour Deluxe , has the distinction of being our most commented upon post (91 comments as of this writing; apparently, a “virtual alleycat” has something to do with that).

So special thanks to David, Tom, and Joseph for keeping BFROU active and interesting.

Of course, the primary reason that BFROU has continued is our readers. BFROU has received nearly 800,000 pageviews, many of which come, interestingly enough, from people googling their own bikes. This works well. The best information you can get about a particular bike is feedback from someone who actually owns it and rides it. Thank you to all of our readers and the googlers who happen upon our site, and a special thank you to the commenters.

Finally, I’d like to thank our first (and only) sponsor, biking.com. We are grateful for their support. If you would like to sponsor BFROU, please contact us at bikes4restofus@gmail.com.

Again, thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting. Here’s hoping that you've found the right bike for you, and that you’re riding it often.


Cycling For Beginners said...

Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary of blogging!


Thomas said...

Congratulations from this side of the pond. Your site is a constant inspiration. And I'm short before buying a cargo-like bike for my business: I'm a wine retailer.

~ Thomas

David said...

Thanks for that nice history of BFROU. True to form, my next post will be a load hauler.

JDL said...

great site, congratulations. I have been looking at racks and bags a lot lately, my schwinn pannier purchase was an epic failure. How about some bike accessories for the rest of us sometimes?


Freewheel said...

JDL, we do talk about accessories once in awhile. I us ortlieb panniers and have found them to be waterproof and virtually indestructible.

Tom said...

Funny, I'm more of a basket kind of guy, although I do covet Rivendell Bags. In addition to the mass-marketed type of bags there is quite a variety of folks who design, sew and sell their own bags. I smell a new blog post here...

Yokota Fritz said...

Happy 3 year anniversary. I absolutely love what you all are doing.