Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Velo Orange Mixte Frameset

Velo Orange now has Mixte frames in stock. These are lugged chrome-molly frames made for VO in Taiwan. You can get the frame in 3 sizes and I suspect only one color at this point. The introductory price is $499, but listed as $700 on the website.
The Mixte is a step-through frame that is ideal for a city bike where you need to dismount quickly or often. The frame is unisex, not a "ladies bike." Read more about the debate over at EcoVelo.

As with other Velo Orange products, expect high quality and the proper braze-ons for fenders, racks and the like. The frame accepts 700c wheels and tires up to 38mm. The horizontal dropouts would work well with internally-geared hubs if you decide to build your bike up that way. VO usually has a discount on their fantastic components if you purchase them at the same time as the frame.
***NOTE: The frames are not yet ready to ship out to customers per VO 3/27/2010 due to a shipping delay.


Yokota Fritz said...

Oh, very nice.

jamesmallon said...

There is no such thing as 'unisex', or 'one size fits all'.

Yokota Fritz said...

"one size fits all" I agree with (maybe one size fits many -- and for casual riding the fit doesn't have to be exactly dialed in anyway), but why not unisex?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about the Batavus "BuB"

Looks kinda BFTROU:

Tom said...

From VO via Twitter: @Velo_Orange
VO MIxte price is $525 (not $700 as per the web) for lugged frame plus fork. Doing QC checks now. They will be available in a few days