Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KHS Green and Cidi for 2010

KHS is showing off their 2010 bikes on their website. I was a big fan of the KHS Green model last year because it didn't try to be anything but a simple 3-speed city bike. 

This year the Green comes in silver as well as black. It has a steel frame built with traditional (small diameter) tubing and 700c wheels. With its curved lines the black step-through could be mistaken for a real Dutch Bike from afar. You won't find an Oma or Old Dutch for $329, though.

There's a new series of KHS Urban bikes this year, the Cidi 3 and 8. These city bikes have a more aggressive stance with flat bars a la Swobo or Biria. Despite the aluminum frame and matching fenders, chain guard and rack, the price points are competitive. The Cidi 8 (shown below) is $659 with the Shimano Nexus inter-8 and the Cidi 3 (sporting Shimano 3-speed hub gears) is just $439.

If anyone reading has ridden the Green or Cidi please drop us a comment.


2whls3spds said...

And they are still only building the wrong sizes...

Some of us require something that doesn't require a 600mm seat post to fit properly. They are sorely limiting their market by only offering 2 sizes. My bride and I fall on the two extremes of the spectrum. I ride 65cm (25") and she rides 38-40cm (15"). There are plenty of us out there. So no sales here.


Eliot said...

I have a KHS folding bike, and, well, you get what you pay for.

margonaute said...

I bought a KHS Green step-through in December as my first bike since I was about 13. I've been riding it on short commutes (1-2 miles) through our strangely mild Boston winter, and I've really been enjoying it. The seat isn't terribly comfortable, though manageable at such short distances, and the 17" frame is bordering on too small for me at 5'7 (with legs on the shorter side).

What's best about it is that it's incredibly low-maintenance-- when I brought it in the shop last week, they said with it living indoors, it should probably only need a tuneup once every other year or so, barring anything catastrophic. And while I do find it stylish in its own way, I think it has a kind of low-profile look to it (I think it looks a bit like a silhouette of a bicycle!) that will hopefully make it less of a target for theft. Oh, and the coaster brake is fabulous! It's basically all I use.

I'm pleased overall. It's serving me well and has gotten me back into the biking world and dreaming of future bicycle purchases.

BikeBike said...

We sell the Green at our shop and are very happy with them. They are our cheapest bike in the store and they fill their little niche very well - cheap, simple, low maintenance city bike. It has been one of our best sellers.

Certainly, they could be finished a little nicer, but come on, what do you expect for under $400?

Joseph E said...

Quick 2011 update:
Based on the 2009/2010 picture, the Cidi used to have silly low-spoke-count wheels and rather short fender.

The 2011 Cidi 8 now has sensible 36 spoke wheels, longer fenders, and a smaller front chainring.

I think these are all good improvements, both for practical reasons (more spokes = stronger wheels, less maintenance; longer fenders = no wet shoes or panniers; smaller chainring = easier getting up hills, smaller chainguard), and for more sensible good looks.

The green color is a matter of tastes, and I would prefer a loop frame rather than the straight second bar for the step-thru, but otherwise this is now one of the best-looking simple 8 speed bikes at a low price ($650 or less)

zed said...

I am not too bike saavy and purchased the Cidi 3 this summer after trying out a few different models. I chose it for the price point, comfort and lightweight-ness (not a word, I know). So far no issues with it as a city commuter bike.

Lester @ Adult Tricycle said...

I find KHS bike pretty good. They are solid built and above my expectation.

east sac girl said...

I bought a Cidi 3 last May. While I enjoyed it for casual/city riding it didn't have gears for the bike trail even though the salesperson said it would be fine. Unfortunately it was stolen a couple months later. I'm on the lookout for another IGH but an 8 this time. Looking at Norco Corsa 1 ST, Breezer 8, Felt Cafe, Electra Townie, Globe Daily/Live Mixte, Viva Juliett... Anyone opionions greatly appreciated. Maybe I'll even go back to the Cidi 8