Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soma Smoothie ES

Soma sells its Smoothie ES Road Sport Frame, constructed from tange heat-treated chromoly, for $400.

The frame has rear rack and fender mounts, and it will fit 32c tires with fenders. It comes with a carbon or steel fork, and requires long reach 57mm caliper brakes. The Smoothie ES is available in 11 sizes, ranging from 46cm to 66cm.

Basically, this is a quality steel frame for someone who wants to build their own commuter or touring bike. It has a relaxed geometry, which should make for a comfortable ride.

Here's what it looks like built-up (via Velospace):

And here's two reviews from Smoothie ES owners:

Crosswrench: The good and the bad after hitting the 2000km mark.

Nooksack: How he built up his Smoothie.


William Seville said...

And, other than Tektro, where can one get modern long reach calipers from ?

Anonymous said... sells really nice ones.

Rodger said...

What are the exact brakes you are using please?